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The Digital Library of Landscape Architecture History (DiLiLAH) is the brainchild of Benjamin George, an assistant professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning at Utah State University. DiLiLAH emerged out of a trip to Europe to create virtual tours of important historical sites related to the field of landscape architecture. These virtual tours were used as an important backbone in the on-line offering of the History of Landscape Architecture at Utah State University.

Due to their popularity with students, repeated requests by individuals not enrolled in the history course, and recognizing the value of these tours to students outside of Utah State University, they are made available on DiLiLAH for educational use. It is hoped that DiLiLAH will become the premier on-line repository for historical information related to landscape architecture. In addition to the on-going expansion of the virtual tours, DiLiLAH will eventually host a database of important people, elements, styles and movements that have shaped the history of our field.

DiLiLAH is solely for educational purposes. No part of this website, including the virtual tours, images or text may be distributed without prior written consent, and under no circumstances may they be used for commercial purposes.